PA111 - Pastel Techniques

PA111 - Pastel Techniques
Member Tuition: $185.00  
Non-Member: $215.00  

Skill Levels: Intermediate

Learn the basics of pastel painting in 6 classes. Find out what different brands are alike, hardnesses of pastel and different surfaces and paper “tooths.” Learn to use soft pastel to make paintings from direct observation, working from still life and photo reference. Start with making a value sketch, and learn how to translate color into values. Make your own color wheel from the three primaries and learn how to use color theory for your paintings. Each class begins with a demo, then independent working time with one-on-one help from instructor. This class is perfect for the person who has a set of soft pastel but not quite sure how to use them, or an artist wanting to try a new medium. Ages 17 and up. 

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