Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors help to facilitate the Dunedin Fine Art Center’s mission to offer creative educational experiences in the visual arts. Our board members are tasked with stimulating both awareness and appreciation of the arts through various outlets. By working to increase the visibility and importance of the art center to the community, our board members help to ensure that the Dunedin Fine Art Center remains a premiere art center in Florida.

The Dunedin Fine Art Center is proud to recognize the committed and hardworking leadership that inspires our art center’s continued growth and development within the community. We are honored to introduce you to our Board of Directors who have helped to shape the Dunedin Fine Art Center into what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.

Amy Heimlich

London L. Bates
Vice Chair

Walter Blenner
Immediate Past Chair

Sarah Byars

Lorri J. Kidder

Alison Freeborn

Steve Beaty

Mary Beth Carroll

Alan Feldshue

Gail Gamble

Jeffrey Held, M.D.

Robert G. Johnston

Dick Kennedy

Gwendolyn Hubbard Noun

Julie Scales

Peter Vosotas

Debra Weible

Mark Weinkrantz

Deborah Kynes

City of Dunedin Appointment

Linda Wittmershaus-Macik
Sterling Society

Dr. Irwin Entel
Ad Hoc.