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Greetings everybody!

As DFAC plans on maintaining its current level of Covid Protocols through summer, there is a lot of information here about the health & safety protocols we have successfully put in place to help keep everyone safe & healthy.  Please take time to read all of it!

The overriding factor is, that DFAC at a minimum follows City, County and State guidelines.  DFAC has steadily maintained the recommended steps for Covid 19 by the CDC.   We WILL keep this page updated, so please check back, if you have any concerns.  : )

Here is a little background info on DFAC and Covid. When DFAC shutdown and cancelled 12 weeks of revenue generating classes, laid off staff and reduced skeleton crew salaries in March, we started to work on adjustments to camps so that when June 1st arrived, we would be ready.  June 1st arrived and we were off to a great start.  Thanks to Staff, Faculty, Parents and Campers, DFAC had zero instances of closures or quarantines making the 2020 Summer Academy an AWESOME one!  We had 901 students participating in summer 2020. Below is a list of some of the steps that have been addressed:

All camps maximum attendance per group was reduced to 8 students. This allows for 1 instructor and one assistant for a max total of 10. March 27th UPDATE:  CDC has new guidelines of 3’ between students but we plan on only adding 2 students to a group for a new max total of 12(except in Mini- masters and Art Squad) and still keeping average social distancing of 6’.

Studios set up with individual tables/chairs following average 6ft social distancing spacing

Staff/Instructors/assistants wear masks 

Touchless thermometers at 3 main entrances and everyone (all ages) entering the building will be required to wear a mask (not provided by DFAC)

Hand sanitizing at three main entrances.

CDC signage

Studios have sinks/soap/water

Studios will have “healthy carts” stocked with wipes, hand sanitizer and peroxide spray

No group gathering. Drop off, lunch and pick up will be in their individual studios (map and directions will be sent to each family the Friday before their camp starts)

Unfortunately, the only studio space that could not be converted with social distancing protocols is the darkroom. The darkroom component for Art Squad will meet in the Douglas Whitley gallery and work with solar-grams, digital black/white photos and journaling projects

Hands on area still closed to the public and on weekends. Soft material/activities have been bagged and removed

6ft spacing reminders throughout the building on floors and stanchions

Sanitizing of “high touch” areas regularly throughout the day

Nightly “deep cleans”

We want to do the best we can with keeping everyone Happy and Healthy again for this summer. This starts with you and your child. In previous summers DFAC has always promoted good hygiene with “Keep DFAC Happy and Healthy” by covering your mouth, washing your hands and not touching your face. We continue that with the CDC additional guidelines of please stay home if you are sick, wear a mask and keep 6ft social distance. As we move through summer, please have your child (if you haven’t already) start getting used to wearing a mask and practicing the 6ft distancing. Practice washing hands for a full 20 seconds… slowly count to 20 or sing happy birthday twice. Whether you make it a game or not, that practice will help greatly in camps and create healthy habits.  Thank you for your patience and support.

For more info on Covid click here.

Stay safe, healthy and creative,

Todd Still

Director of Youth Education


Up to 8 weeks, DFAC’s Summer Art Academy offers fun, creative, cognitive experiences for kids and teens from 4½ to 14 years old.

DFAC proudly offers over 30 years of Summer Art Enrichment fun. Todd Still, Director of Youth Education, is excited about heading up his 24th year of one of the premier summer programs in the Tampa Bay area. Art classes feature the best artists and art educators in the region – Multi-media experts with skills from Painting to Clay to Drawing to Dreamin’! Instructors have Bachelor’s degrees if not Masters degrees in Art, Education and/or both! Their experiences range from teaching art in public schools, private schools, Montessori based schools, the Kent Jewish Center, Pre-schools and professional art settings.

Scroll down for 2021 weekly themes.  Check out our offerings and enroll starting March 1, 2021, as space IS limited! Remember Save paper and register online!  Note: Tuition is non-refundable.

ENROLLMENT UPDATES:(Note: info on exact openings for camps are visible when registering)

SSV weeks 1 – 8 full. Starting online waitlists. 

Mini Masters weeks 1 – 8 full. Starting online waitlists. 

iPad weeks 1 – 8 full. Starting online waitlists. 

Arts in Motion Theater weeks 1 – 8 Full, Starting online waitlists.

Mural Madness 1  weeks 1- 8 Full,  Starting online waitlists.

Mural Madness 2 weeks 1 – 8 full. (No Mural 2 week 7)Starting online waitlists.

Art Squad ages 11 -1 4 week 1 – 8 Full. Starting online waitlists.





The Summer Art Academy offers seven camp programs based on age groups. Click here to Download the 2021 Summer Art Academy brochure!

Ages Camp
4 ½ to 5 years (for children entering Kindergarten: have to turn 5 by Augusts 31, 2021)

Click Here for MiniMasters (MM) Summer Program Information and Registration  

6 to 10 years (for children entering 1st – 5th grades)

Click Here for Sizzlin’ Summer (SSV) Art Camp Information and Registration  

8 to 12 years

Click Here for Arts in Motion(AM) Information and Registration 

8 to 10 years

Click Here for Ipad Explorations Program Information and Registration 

8 to 10 years & 11 to 14 years

Click Here for Mural Madness ages 8 – 10Summer Program (MU1) Information and Registration 

Click Here for Mural Madness 2 ages 11 – 14 Summer Program(MU2) Information and Registration 

11 to 14 years


Click Here for Art Squad Summer Program(AS) Information and Registration 

CLICK HERE for all camps

Note: Tuition is non-refundable

Extended Care
For a more flexible drop off and pick up time, extended care is
available for $45 per camper/week. Hours are 7:30 – 9:00 a.m., and
3:15 – 6:00 p.m. Mini Masters require an older sibling in order to


Lunch: Students need to bring lunch and can also purchase soft drinks and snacks on site. Unfortunately the Palm Café is under renovation. Updates closer to summer.


2021 Themes

Week 1     6/14 – 18
Canine Cats in Space
Our furry friends take to the stars in artful adventures.

Week 2     6/21 – 25
Fabulous Food Fashion
See what all the Fruits and Vegetables are wearing this summer.

Week 3     6/28 – 7/2
Shark-Art Week
Shark-a-Lisa, Sharky, Sharky Night…Art History through the eyes of a Shark.

Week 4      7/5 –9
Safari with Animals from around the world.
Note: Artwork to be selected for camp exhibit

Week 5     7/12 – 16
Under the Sea Dreams
Ancient to Futuristic Steam Punk Cities deep below the waves.

Week 6     7/19 – 23
Funky Monkey
The Rainforest critters have formed their own Rock Bands.

Week 7     7/26 – 30
Art on the Move
Cars, Planes, Boats and Trains.

Week 8     8/2 – 6
Magical, Mythical, Fantastical Beasties
Marvelous Creatures come alive From Ancient Cultures around the world and of course… your own imagination too.


Come Out and Play!

At the Dunedin Fine Art Center, we’re proud to offer a little something for kids and teens of all ages! We hope you come out and play and see why everyone says the Dunedin Fine Art Center is where the art is! To learn more about our mission, and us, click here, or contact us for more information about summer camp.


Summer Academy Camp Scholarships! Note: Only Complete Packages Accepted!

The Dunedin Fine Art Center is proud to once again offer scholarships for the 2021 art enrichment summer camps(no matter where you live!). In the past, community partners such as The City of Dunedin, Dunedin Rotary, Dunedin Rotary North, the Employees of the Tampa Bay Times, Pinellas Cultural Foundation, Inc, the Pinellas Community Foundation, many individuals and organizations have granted funds to be used for this purpose. To apply for a scholarship, DFAC needs 4 or 5 items for documentation together in a complete package:
1. Letter from the parent as to why a scholarship is needed.
2. Drawing or letter from child as to why they would like to come to art camp.
3. Copy of a report card showing satisfactory grades.
4. Letter of recommendation.
5. Proof of Dunedin residency (City of Dunedin scholarship only).Please send the 4 or 5 items to the attention of Todd Still, Director of Youth Education, DFAC, 1143 Michigan Blvd., Dunedin, FL 34698.

NOTE: including a completed registration form is helpful : )


Click here for Full Brochure 2021


Download 2021 Registration Form

FULL Click Here for Youth Volunteer/Mentorship Form for summer 2021 FULL


In addition to the scholarships outlined above, that we offer here at DFAC, Creative Pinellas ALSO has a scholarship program…



They say:

You may be eligible for a grant to go to an arts summer camp session.. If you live in Pinellas County and are 5-18 years old, go to a Title 1 school, receive a free or reduced-cost lunch, live in a foster or group home, or meet other criteria, please go to to learn more, find out if you are eligible, and to apply.

Restrictions and conditions apply. Go to to learn more. Eligibility does not guarantee a grant



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