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Come in and get inspired! Release your inner artist with a visit to The Gallery Shop at the Dunedin Fine Art Center’s main campus located at 1143 Michigan Blvd., set in Dunedin’s beautiful Highlander Park.

Featuring juried visual artworks; our shop provides you with a unique opportunity to purchase locally. The newly renovated space allows over 100 wonderful artists to participate! Member artists, musicians, and authors provide handmade jewelry, cards, scarves, purses, ornaments, paintings, ceramics, fiber arts, soaps, books, music, and exciting home décor. You will also find fun and imaginative products based on our current exhibits and art education programming, including many items for creative kids!

When contemplating taking a class or an upcoming workshop at the Dunedin Fine Art Center, the shop is a great place to see works offered for sale by our well-known and award-winning faculty.

The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and on Sundays, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.  We are open to the public seven days a week, year-round, with the exception of holidays. Take a look at our shop event schedule below to be a part of very special promotions and artist demonstrations. Bring a friend, have lunch in our lovely cafe and shop to your heart’s content!

Hand-crafted jewelry can be easily found in the Gallery Shop.
Eric Folsom

We look forward to meeting you and helping you in selecting that special art piece, birthday gift or a little indulgence for yourself! As always, you can feel good knowing that your purchase helps to sustain local artists and allows the Dunedin Fine Art Center to bring exciting learning experiences in the visual arts to people of all ages in our community.



Our Artists (by Media)


  • Julie Christ
  • Ellen Cole
  • Buzz Coren
  • Lee Cox
  • Cheryl Ann Day-Swallow
  • Eric Folsom
  • Gail Gamble
  • Trudi Gridley
  • Barbara Hacker
  • Judy Helfrich
  • Patricia Lafaye
  • Carol LePierre
  • Susan Maxon
  • Carol Mayle
  • Marc Noll
  • Carole Rosefelt
  • Debbie Stone
  • Sharon Swallwood
  • Monia Swanns
  • Breta McGuire
  • Carol Tracht-Kader
  • Wanda Walker


  • Lee Anderson
  • Joan Bohrer
  • Wendy Durand
  • Henry & Amy Gernhardt
  • Monica Guerrero
  • Sara Haydon
  • Merrill Kramer
  • Jackie LaDrig
  • Heather Leisch
  • Alyssa Ligmont
  • Mitch Lowenstein
  • Diane Lublinski
  • Jackie McDonough
  • Karen James McGavock
  • Pat Underwood
  • Ana Varela


  • Sharon Appler
  • Debra Blythe
  • Danielle Conte
  • Smelia Damjanovich
  • Sharon Appler
  • Marlene Glickman
  • Laura Lee Hubbard
  • Carolyn Kossar
  • Karol Kusmaul
  • Ericka Leigh
  • Janet Nelson
  • Rosemary Nolletti
  • Carol Sackman
  • Lina Teixeira
  • Concepcion Tharin
  • Elly Turnbull


  • Paula Clancy
  • Holly Apperson


  • John Haseney
  • Arthur Worth

Beaded Artwork

  • Marie Burnham
  • Elanor Pigman


  • Alex Casano
  • Sherri Edell
  • Elizabeth Faubert
  • Mikell Herick
  • Cindy Nelson
  • Jean Schnell
  • Diederik Tamson
  • Steve Whalen


  • Dustin Miller


  • Julianne Diblasi Black
  • Mikki Boni
  • Mary Orme Ellis
  • Trudy Kelley
  • Victoria Michael and Jade Diane
  • Shannon Kelley Pattee
  • Laura Perricone
  • Kathy Pollack
  • Bill Renc
  • Richard Stalbird
  • Monica Sword


  • Coralette Damme
  • Karen Woods

Mixed Media

  • Demeree Barth
  • Ann Bass
  • Eva Ditrich
  • Denis Gaston
  • Amy Kluth
  • Gianna Pergamo
  • Tiffanie Seiler
  • Elizabeth Shea


  • Brooke Allison
  • Karen Baker
  • Suzanne Elizabeth Murphy
  • Arlene Shoemaker


  • Laura Perricone
  • Debra Thomas Weible
  • Clifton Moorhead
  • Viv Ruegger


  • John Gascot
  • Linda Kegley
  • Lorraine Potocki
  • Carole Rosefelt
  • Sylvia Shanahan
  • Pamela Trow


  • Robert Baum
  • Markissia Touliatos
  • Joseph Weinsettle
  • Scott Suits


Our Vendors

  • Melissa & Doug
  • Dover
  • Bodhi Basics
  • Soulmate Socks
  • Unemployed Philosophers Guild


Artists: If you are interested in expanding our offerings by presenting your creative works to our Gallery Shop Committee Jury, please contact Gallery Shop Manager, Danielle Conte at 727-298-3322 ext. 222 or email at You must be a member of the Dunedin Fine Art Center to consign artwork in the Gallery Shop. See you soon!

This ceramic vase by Ira_Burhans can be found in the Gallery Shop.Ira Burhans

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