Memorial Gifts

An honor or memory gift is a meaningful way to honor someone special in your life while supporting the mission of the Dunedin Fine Art Center.

We are grateful that you wish to donate to us in honor or in memory of a loved one, and there are different ways you can do this:

In Honor Gifts

In Honor Gifts are a special way to acknowledge the important people living in your life, and are often given on special occasions, such as a friend’s or relative’s birthday, graduation, or anniversary. They are also appropriate gifts for holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Finally, Honor Gifts are often given to show appreciation for someone’s kindness or to recognize their impact on your life. (Note: The amount of the gift is not revealed.)

In Memory Gifts

In Memory Gifts are a special way to memorialize someone special who has passed away.

When a Memorial or Honor gift is received by Dunedin Fine Art Center, a letter is sent to the donor to acknowledge the gift, as well as to any persons that the donor indicates should receive an acknowledgment card. (Note: The amount of the gift is not revealed.)

How You Can Get Involved

We are grateful that our educational and exhibition programs help us earn 60 percent of our annual revenue, but we are constantly working to raise the remaining revenue through the help from our members, donors and individuals within the community. There are numerous ways you can get involved with the Dunedin Fine Art Center—whether it is by becoming a memorial donor  or simply lending a helping hand. If you have questions about making any sort of gift to the Dunedin Fine Art Center, contact President, Andrea Nalls, here, or call Andrea at (727) 298-3322, extension 223.

Your Gift Lives On

Thank you for your interest in becoming a memorial donor for the Dunedin Fine Art Center. Your gift helps to ensure that the Dunedin Fine Art Center remains a premiere art center in the Tampa Bay Area. For more information on the Dunedin Fine Art Center and our mission, click here, or learn of all the ways you can Get Involved.

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