Taking Shape: Pinellas Middle Schools

The level of talent exemplified by the works in this Pinellas County Public Schools exhibit of middle school artists, gives us great hope for the future!
  • Gallery: Kokolakis Family Youth gallery

While it is impossible to show ALL of the tremendous works in this exhibit, here we offer a sampling.  We hope you get a feeling for the incredibly high level of quality on display.  If your work isn’t featured, we apologize.   The photographer said to blame it on him!  Enjoy the tour!


The Award Winners are:

Artistic Merits

Brea Beausang – Clearwater Fundamental

Juliana Marinin – Tarpon Springs Middle

Juliette Kilgore – Tarpon Springs Middle


Honorable Mentions

Deacon Marsico  –  Hopkins Middle

Luke Kaly – East Lake Middle

Emily Fulp – Meadowlawn Middle





Maya Niemczewski – Grade7


Julien Torrens – Grade 8




Lindsey Ruether – Grade 8


Edwin Hernandez-Jahuey – Grade 8



Dana Moorehouse – Grade 8



Peyton Rauch – Grade 6
Tobin Kropp – Grade 6



Thi Mai – Grade 8


Emily Fulp – Grade 8




Maverick Moore – Grade 8
Kris Lazauskas – Grade 8




Anna Yu – Grade 8
Aliyah Eaton – Grade 8


Marcus Rideout – Grade 8



Nayeli Calihua
Jaxson Solomon – Grade 8




Lee Chemlen – Grade 8



Deja Nelson – Grade 6


Borislava Naneva – Grade 8