Invitational exhibition of printmakers and draftsmen.
  • Gallery: Douglas-Whitley Gallery

Stephen Littlefield



Etch-a-Sketch – Holly Bird


As DFAC celebrates 25 years of printmaking instruction, we honor its founder—beloved artist and recently retired faculty member, Stephen Littlefield. In Etch-a-sketch, see works by Littlefield’s students, colleagues and distinguished printmakers from the Tampa Bay community alongside drawings by artists with historical connections to DFAC. Artists include: Holly Bird, Lin Carte, John Costin, Neverne Covington, Coralette Damme, Ummarid Eitharong, Syd Entel, Gail Gamble, Aliosky Garcia, Susan Gehring, Marjorie Greene, Debra Mixon Holliday, Heather Leisch, Melissa Miller Nece, Sharon Norwood, Todd Still and Stephen Schatz among others.


Etch-a-Sketch – Marjorie Greene