Dunedin Showcase

The Dunedin Fine Art Center is thrilled to work with the City of Dunedin to display this selection of art showcasing the talent of young artists from Dunedin Area Schools both public and private!
  • Gallery: Kokolakis Family Youth Gallery


The Dunedin Fine Art Center is delighted and honored to collaborate with the City of Dunedin to present an exquisite selection of artwork that truly celebrates the remarkable talent flourishing within our community. Through this unique exhibition, we aim to showcase the unparalleled creativity and artistic prowess of budding young artists hailing from our Dunedin Area Schools.

Arya Duffy – Curtis Fundamental Elementary


Caroline Krampert – Garrison Jones Elementary


Elise Arries – Dunedin Highland Middle


Fiona Thompson – San Jose Elementary


James Own Nimmo – Academie Da Vinci


Jasmine Lander – Dunedin High School


Rae Coleman – Garrison Jones Elementary


Ryan Haynor – Curtis Fundamental Elementary


Aubrey Palmer – Dunedin High School