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This workshop is held on two Saturdays.
Many people who first start an Etsy shop are overwhelmed by the process. With over 5 million active sellers on Etsy, the competition is very large and making a small mistake in the setting up process can make a huge difference in being found by potential buyers.

This two-day workshop covers the process of
1. Designing a shop page (selecting a shop name, branding techniques, designing a shop banner and more)
2. Photographing and creating videos for products (editing, backgrounds, inside tips and tricks)
3. Creating product listings (using drafts, E-rank, and how to monitor shop stats)
4. Using social media for free advertising (heavy emphasis on Instagram)
5. Free tools to help in all this

All students will receive a class notebook with additional tips and will also serve to organize the information given during the workshop.

Levels: All Levels

Location: Dunedin Fine Art Center - 1143 Michigan Blvd., Dunedin FL

Member Tuition: $90.00

Non-Member: $120.00

Mat'l/Lab Fee:   $10.00