KIDSTUFF | the ART of social distancing


The Youth Education program at DFAC always has hands-on experiencing on offer, whether it is in the DLM Children’s ART Museum or in a classroom or FREE Family Fun Night, or Make-N-Take Weekend. If you can’t make it to DFAC, perhaps the Wheels on Wheels Mobile Clay Experience has come to you!  And let’s not forget all of those incredible exhibits featuring so many young artists in our Kokolakis Family Youth Gallery.

Our hope is to share some of that hands-on and visual FUN here in the #theARTofsocialdistancing . Stop by often to see how we’re doing. And PLEASE don’t forget to let us know.

Fly with DFAC’s youth and get a glimpse of young artists in action!




Exhibits?  You bet… A VIRTUAL Tour of Creative stART (a-m) AND the DLM’s MAD SCIENCE!



This year’s theme in the DLM Children’s ART Museum is MAD Science!  Take a night time helicopter tour with some of the locals….



The Dinosaurs are back… And this time, they have a TANK (Yes, a TANK)!!!!! They blast their way outside and have their sights set on the Dunedin Fine Art Center’s landmark Tile Wall.  Join them for the night time escapade and see what YOU can see!



Someone has been snooping around DFAC after dark!
Join them for a joyride!


Step by Step Projects with Miss Shannon!




Kids Exhibits VIRTUALLY from the Kokolakis Family Youth Gallery!


Taking Shape: Pinellas Middle Schools




It’s time to bust open a box and get busy!  Crayons of course bring to mind Holly Wilson’s incredible work “A View Within. Under The Skin” that was featured in her recent exhibit On Turtle’s Back, forged entirely out of crayons!


It also brings to mind that we must Champion Creatively Alive Children!

Champion Creatively Alive Children is a program sponsored by Crayola and the National Association of Elementary School Principals, in partnership with the National Art Education Association and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

Click on the image below to download a list of 52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun you can do at home!  Get Creative!



Hands-On Downloadable Projects


Food Arts Coloring Pages

– A selection of FOODS originally painted by famous artists… Yummy!  Get your crayons out and Bon Apetit (NO, do NOT eat the crayons ; – )!



BLAST OFF A Look Back at the 2012-13 Installation in DFAC’s DLM Children’s ART Museum



Meet Yuri, the stand-up comedian/cosmonaut. Having some time on his hands floating around, Yuri is telling bad jokes for you to write down and illustrate. Remember “illustrate” just means drawing pictures that help tell the story…kinda like a snap shot of a scene. Have fun!


Dance along with Astronaut MR. TODD to the newest dance craze, The BLAST OFF!  Be careful not to float away!



Gianna Pergamo is wondering if you are looking for something to do? Gianna is represented in our Gallery Shop and produces work under the name Pergamo Paper Goods.  An example of her whimsical work is yours for the downloading. You can color your own mermaid horse! Depending on the paper you print it on, you can use crayon, colored pencil, or paint! Or, color it in digitally!  Don’t forget to add some sea creatures!  Click HERE or on the image above for a printable PDF.  You can share your finished work in our FaceBook Group:


The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round…  Check in on some scenes from DFAC’s ever popular Wheels on Wheels!




BTW… We’re still planning on offering our award-winning Summer Academy Summer Camps this year. We hope to see everyone then!