Adult Education | the ART of social distancing

Education is at the core of what DFAC is all about.  We have some of the most talented and respected faculty around.  As we look to bring their knowledge out of our traditional Studio/Classrooms and into the digital realm, we’ll be trying many things.  Some will be more successful than others for all of the different types of study we undertake daily at DFAC.  Let us know your favorites. What works… what doesn’t.

In order for this social distancing to work, we’re going to have to get closer in many ways…  We’re looking forward to the journey. We hope you’ll be joining us!


We’re busy revamping a couple of our Studio/Classrooms
to serve as video streaming sites for our faculty.

We’re pretty excited about it and hope will be too!


Here are some of the results:

Free Instructional Videos & Demonstrations

– Clay (Glenn Woods)
– Drawing (Shawn Dell Joyce)
– Drawing (Zoe Papas)
– Watercolor (Debra Thomas Weible)
– Painting & Pastel (Shawn Dell Joyce)
– Food Arts (Chef Craig Tinling)
– Professional Artist Series (Nathan Beard)
– Printmaking (Brandie Dziegiel)


Let us know what you think!


DFAC’s Assistant Curator, Nathan Beard shares a History of the Pastel medium with us!




Zoe Papas shares a time-lapse demonstration, that she also narrates with step-by-step instruction, to give the viewer a pretty complete understanding of her process of drawing a portrait from life.



Debra Thomas Weible stopped by the classroom/studio to share some tips about drawing and painting eyes…  The EYES definitely have it!



Here are some recipes from Chef Craig Tinling for you to prepare and enjoy at home….  Enjoy!


Download a PDF copy of the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio recipe HERE!



Shakshouka is a North African dish that is popular throughout the Middle East.

You can download a PDF of this delicious recipe HERE!


Think throwing pottery on a wheel is difficult? Maybe it’s something you always wanted to try? Dunedin Fine Art Center Faculty member, Glenn Woods shows just how easy and fulfilling it can be to “play in the mud!” You may never look at clay the same ever again!





We hope everyone has a chance to learn something here….  We know WE did.  While ZOOM is a wonderful platform, increased traffic can sometime cause technical issues!  Here, we had some issues with our audio, but we KNOW that Shawn Dell Joyce’s presentations will MORE than make up for it!



Here’s the first go at it…  Valuable information from Nathan Beard about preparing your 2d artworks for exhibitions.  Let us know what you think!





Brandie Dziegiel and Holly Bird put together this inspiring video, of Brandie Pulling a big woodblock print in the Dunedin Fine Art Center’s Print Studio.



Pottery Instructor Glenn Woods provides this great demonstration of technique in a video he calls, “Throwing a Pitcher for Adi.”



First is a short lesson in watercolor, that you could probably spend QUITE a long time perfecting!
Thanks to the incredible Debra Weible for sharing it with us!

Click here for the Eyes Have It!


Have we got a Facebook group for you…

Express Yourself | Self Portraits
Show us how you express yourself! Post your latest self-portrait and receive feedback from artist and educator Mason Gehring!



Here is a rabbit hole you will find listed on ALL of our social distancing pages….  It appears virtually endless and has something for EVERYONE.    If you haven’t yet, you need to visit:
Google Arts & Culture

Share your favorites with us!


Want to go directly to tour some museums?  Wander away:

Google Museum Tours




Don’t forget to tell us what you think!