Teens at DFAC

Teen Art Club for Middle Schoolers and early High Schoolers!

Starting in January 2015, the Teen Art Club will begin meeting on the third Saturday night of each month from 6pm – 8pm. Each meeting/get together will have choices of video games, movies and/or art materials for drawing/painting/sculpture. There is a $20 Membership fee for this club. If the students’ family already has a family membership, then there won’t be any materials fee. If you are a non-member, there will be an additional $5 materials/snack fee at each meeting.

The following are the Meeting dates and focus:

  • Jan 24 Clay  Postponed
  • Feb 21 Drawing
  • Mar 21 Painting
  • Apr 18 X-Box
  • May 16 Choice
  • Jun 20 Movie
  • July 18 Wheel
  • Aug 15 Drawing
  • Sep 19 Painting
  • Oct 17 Scary Movie
  • Nov 21 Clay
  • Dec 19 Art Soccer

Click here for Art Club Form

To attend:

1) Students in middle school/early high school must join the Teen Art Club.

2) Students must sign up in advance for the meetings that they would like to attend due to space/equipment limitations. Email registration to kidstuff@dfac.org

*Note: If you don’t see a class that fits your schedule, a class may be created for at least 6 participants and contingent on studio/instructor availability.


Download a PDF of the Teen Club Application here
  • Teen Club Application
    Teen Club Application
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