Wheels on Wheels




The Wheels on Wheels outreach program is an exciting and unique opportunity that is available to the public schools, charter schools, private schools, afterschool programs and the community at large. This program was created by DFAC through the support of the Pougialis/Anastasakis Trust.

This one of a kind program involves using a converted school bus as a mobile clay wheel lab. All of the seats were removed and replaced with 12 potter’s wheels. These wheels are powered by an external generator installed under the bus. The primary focus is on providing a fun and educational experience for elementary school aged children. But, this “nowhere to be found” experience will be open to all ages as well. Corporate team building, birthday parties, community events are among the venues the Wheels on Wheels program will be available as well.

Thanks to the Janet Huntley Grant through the Pinellas Community Foundation, DFAC provided a total of 23 sessions at no cost to the Pinellas County Public Elementary Schools during the 2015/2016 an 2016/2017 school year. DFAC is proud to announce the continued support from the Pinellas Community Foundation through the Janet Huntley Grant with a total of 25 more sessions at no cost to the Pinellas County Public Elementary/Middle Schools during the 2017/2018 school year. YAY
The youth will actively/directly participate in the program as follows: max of 12 students will be able to practice their “throwing” skills for 50 minutes with self-hardening clay on real, electric potter’s wheels housed in DFAC’s converted school bus. Outside the bus there will be tables for an additional 12 students to practice their hand-building skills using self-hardening clay to explore coil, pinch and slab methods. After the first 50 minutes, students will rotate so that a max total of 24 youth in a 2 hour block get to experience all phases of working with the exciting medium of clay.

DFAC is currently taking requests for the 2017/2018 school year. Complete info packet or request form can be found at the bottom of this page. Click here for Youth Art Classes.







In-school, Afterschool outreach:
Flat rate $400
2 hours
24 students per each 2 hour session)

Pinellas County Public Elementary Schools ask about no-cost opportunities supported by the Janet Huntley Grant through the Pinellas Community Foundation. Funds for other schools might be available as well.

Local Events:
Inside bus- 11 people,
$5 per person-30 mins
Outside bus- hand-building 11 people,
$5 per person-30 mins

Offsite Birthday Parties(Youth or Adult):
Flat rate $350 Member
$400 Non-member
2 hours
(max 23 people)

Click here for Wheels on Wheels complete package (PDF)

Click here just for request form (PDF)

Having trouble with the links? email shannon@dfac.org for the updated forms/info.


A special Thank you for PCF’s 3 year support of Wheels on Wheels.