Faculty Video Introductions


We hope these short videos serve as a great way to introduce our award-winning faculty…. One-on-one, from the comfort of your own home!

Here, you’ll find all of these videos listed alphabetically by the faculty member’s last name.  On the navigation bar to the left (or at the bottom, if you are on a mobile device) you’ll be able to choose a breakdown by media.

Either way, we know you’ll find just the right artist to start or continue your studies with.  If you have any questions, please use this form to CONTACT US.


You can start your introduction with a look at our Studios by clicking here!


Our Faculty Videos

Karen Baker – Painting, Art and Wellness

Nathan Beard – Painting

Holly Bird – Printmaking

Ira Burhans – Pottery

Elizabeth Cadena – Paint Pouring & Resin Workshops

Joyce Curvin – Paper Mache Sculpture

Christine Di Staola – Oil Painting

Mason Gehring – Art and Wellness

Tony Hutfilz – Mixed Media

Shawn Dell Joyce – Acrylic Painting, Pastel

Jackie LaDrig – Clay

Melissa Miller Nece – Drawing, Painting, Colored Pencil

Zoe Papas – Figure Drawing

Stacy Perry – Jewelry

Lorraine Potocki – Acrylic Painting, Pastel

Barbara Rivolta – Metal Clay Jewelry

Robert Rostick – Digital Photography

Anna Sandoval – Art and Wellness

Gail Thayer – Jewelry

Craig Tinling – Food Arts

Markissia Touliatos – Oil Painting, Pastel

Kerry Stratton Waltz – Watercolor

Debra Weible – Watercolor

Joseph Weinzettle – Drawing

Anita Wood – Watercolor, Acrylic Painting

Glenn Woods – Pottery

Art Worth – Woodturning