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Coffee and Conversation with Bryan Voliton (Virtually)

Hanging out, drinking delicious coffee, talking about art… ahhhh, that’s the life! Well, that WAS the life at least for…

Hanging out, drinking delicious coffee, talking about art… ahhhh, that’s the life! Well, that WAS the life at least for an hour or so each month at the Dunedin Fine Art Center’s Coffee and Conversation series, sponsored by DFAC’s Sterling Society.

Times change and so do our pleasures. So many of them have become virtual.  That doesn’t need to lessen the joy in connecting with artists you may know or have always wanted to meet! You can still enjoy the insights as each month’s invited guest holds forth on their own area of expertise, as the recent virtual Coffee & Conversations have proved… You’ll just have to pour your own coffee!




Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 12 noon, the series welcomes Bryan Voliton.  In his presentation; “Creative Resilience,” Bryan will discuss his journey as a creative and what it takes to develop the resiliency to succeed.  He explains that “Resiliency is built from having the courage to consistently work through tough
situations.”  You won’t want to miss this inspiring discussion.

Bryan Voliton says: 

“As a creative entrepreneur, my passion is helping other creatives succeed.

I was born a visual artist and raised by an amazing teacher. This translated into a successful graphic design career, where I naturally took on a mentoring role with my peers. I enjoyed solving communication challenges for businesses and brands and I loved helping other creatives find their stride.

While I excelled at partnering with businesses and brands, from local to global in scale, I was never meant to hang my hat in a corporate environment. I needed to determine my own creative path and that meant learning the ins and outs of starting a business. As I established my company, I began to work with startup business owners who needed more than just a skilled marketer. The more I worked through branding strategies with clients, the more I found myself helping them define who they are, who they wanted to be, and how to craft a life they longed to live.

This is where the focus of my business has shifted to helping creatives develop the personal skills to be the best version of themselves and able to pursue the work they are meant to do. Through many outlets like, The Unmanageables Podcast, Live Morning Meditations on Facebook, and Tuning In, a subscription of curated content, I am using my wide range of skills to prepare people to be visionaries, storytellers, and courageous action-takers.”


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This year’s series is sponsored by:
Dianne Wheatley Giolotti.

Coffee and Conversation with Bryan Voliton (Virtually) – April 13th, 2021 at 12 Noon.


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