Acrylic or Oil paints

Professional-quality, brand name supplies cost a bit more, but are worth it.

Suggested colors (Note there is NO BLACK OR PAYNE’S GRAY LISTED!):

Titanium white

Quinacridone red or violet or napthol crimson or Permanent Alizarine

Cadmium red medium or light

Cadmium yellow medium or light

Yellow ochre or raw sienna or yellow oxide

Ultramarine blue

Thalo (phthalocyanine) blue or Prussian blue

Burnt sienna

Burnt umber

Phthalo green or viridian and/or sap or Hooker’s green

Optional - Hansa yellow

Painting surface: Prestretched canvases or canvas or other panels

Try at least 12 x 16" - smaller is not easier! - 18 x 24" is even better

Brushes: Large and small sizes – natural bristle (for oil) or synthetic bristle (for acrylic)

Flats, brights or filberts (#10, 8, 6, 4, and 1 or 2)

One or two small round brushes with a good point.

(Suggestion: Princeton 6300 “Dakota” for acrylics, also work for oils)

Palettes: Disposable palette pads are fine. A piece of Masonite can be used for a long time. Or china, glass, plexiglas. A tight-sealing plastic palette or container (like flat Tupperware) is good for storing and transporting wet paint. (Palettes with mixing wells are for watercolors.)

Solvent and mediums:

For oils (Necessary):

Odorless mineral spirits (“Turpenoid” or Gamsol — for thinning and brush cleaning)

Linseed oil and/or Liquin or Galkyd, or similar glazing/quick-drying medium

For acrylics (Optional):

Acrylic gloss medium, retarding medium, various specialty mediums for textures or effects

Refillable spray bottle for water .

Solvent containers:

Large jars, coffee cans, plastic tubs.

Mineral spirits must be in tightly sealable container for transport.

Drawing tools: Pencils are OK, but soft vine charcoal is better; watercolor pencils are very good

Kneaded eraser or other type of eraser

Rags or paper towels

Also useful: Masking tape, palette knife, old toothbrushes, ruler or yardstick, clip to hold photo references, brush soap

DFAC provides easels, taborets (carts to hold supplies) and stools. No need to bring your own.

Shop locally at Blick Art Materials (West Shore, Tampa) and AOE Supply (56th St, Tampa), Ace Hardware, Dunedin. Michaels and JoAnns with coupons. Online:,

For studio classes, bring your own choice of reference (not other artists’ work) for subject matter, or expect to choose from photos or still life setups. Or plan to develop abstract concepts. All styles encouraged!