The Realistic Portrait in Oils Class Supply List

Suggested Colors Colors:

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna

Raw Umber

Brown Madder (WN)*

Raw Sienna

Yellow Ochre Pale (WN) *

Cad. Yellow Med.

Cad. Orange

Cad. Yellow Pale

Cadmium Red (WN) *

Light Red or Terra Rosa

Cad. Scarlet

Cad. Yellow Lemon

Permanent Rose (WN)


Chromium Oxide Green

Ultramarine Blue

Dioxazine Purple

Cerulean Blue (WN) *

Titanium White

Ivory Black


Gamblin Neo

Turpenoid (Blue Label)

Monalisa Odorless Mineral Spirits

Palette cups and brush washer jar

No Turpenoid Natural

Brushes: At least two each

Robert Simmons or Silverbrush brands

Hogs Bristle and synthetic

Filberts and Flats #2,4,6,8

Rounds for detail, Sables #1

Fan Brushes


12x16, 16x20, or 20x24 toned gray

To tone the canvas you may use Golden Acrylic N5 Neutral Grey.

Apply a thin wash on acrylic primed canvases only.

Medium gray toned palette or disposable “Grey Matters Paper Palette” 12 x 16 Ruler, preferably 18 inch Paper towels

(Winsor Newton (WN)

*These five Winsor Newton colors are important for learning to create beautiful skin tones. Most of the other colors and brands are optional so bring what you already have.

If you have any questions please call me at 727-560-8161