Required Materials:

Pastels: A variety of hard and soft pastels. NuPastel is what I use for hard pastels. Soft pastel recommendations include: Mount Vision, Terry Ludwig, Schmincke, Unison.

Pastel pencils: You can purchase a set or individual pencils (make sure you have a variety of dark, light and medium values).

Paper: UArt pastel paper, 400 grade, 12” X 18”. You can also work on larger 18” X 24” sheets.
Foam core backing or another hard backing to accommodate the size paper you use.
One sheet of UArt black pastel paper, 400 grade, 12” X 18” or larger, if you’d like.

Other materials:
Tracing paper pad large enough to cover the paper size(s) you have chosen.
Masking tape—regular and black.
Sketch pad, any size.
Pencils or vine charcoal for sketching.
70% rubbing alcohol.
Paint brushes, variety of sizes.
Fluid acrylics. You can purchase a small set that will include a variety of colors.
Aluminum foil.
Plastic containers for water and alcohol (like yogurt containers, large and small).

Optional Materials:

We’ll also be using the following for a variety of different underpainting techniques. You don’t have to purchase in advance of class since I will have these supplies with me for you to try.

Art Graf (purchase on Amazon)
Watercolor inks – I purchased Daler Rowney. Aquafine watercolor inks from Michael’s.
Watercolors are an option for the watercolor inks.
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers Gray Scale 10-pack for notan sketches.