Bring your favorite medium and appropriate support, as well as a sketchbook and pencil, a rag or washcloth, sea sponge, and tape.

ACRYLIC: Set of basic colors (primaries plus black and white)
Set of brushes in different sizes (small liners to large flats)
4-6 canvases 16x20

WATERCOLOR: Usual set of watercolors (tubes are best)
Set of brushes (Large mops to small hakes and liners)
4-6 half sheets of paper stretched on a board

OIL: Usual set of oils in basic primaries plus black and white
Set of good bristle or white brushes especially a fan brush
4-6 canvases 16x20
odorless mineral spirits in a jar with a lid
wet painting carrier (box, or other)

PASTEL-Set of 72 or more colors (half sticks are fine)
Tape or clips
Pastel paper cut to 12x36 and taped or mounted to drawing board
Or Ampersand Pastelbord 16x20
Clear bag or other way to transport finished piece

The instructor will supply aprons, easels, cups for paint water, photo references.