A welcome email will be sent to all enrolled students prior to the class with directions and Stacy's personal contact information, along with detailed information about what to bring the first day.

Supplies will be provided by the instructor and are included in the material fee for the Wire classes and Jewelry Fabrication classes.

If you're in a class using torches, closed-toe shoes are strongly recommended! If you have long hair, please make sure it's tied back!

Recommended tool list: Please have students contact instructor with questions about tools. There are tools to share for those who don't have them. I would rather that folks not go out and buy all the wrong tools or poor quality tools. Better to use mine and the studios. However below are items that students should bring to class.

12 inch ruler
Soft tape measurer
Sharpie® or other indelible pen
Mechanical pencil
You favorite basic jewelry fabrication or wire jewelry tools if you have them
Hand towel
Polishing cloth
Vision aids such as reading glasses, Opti-visors, etc. if needed