Wetland Excursion (Week 1):

Camera (handheld digital, iPhone or iPad), hat, sunscreen, bug spray, umbrella, drinking water
Access to basic photo-editing program

Suggested Materials for the Studio (Weeks 2-6)

Drawing and Sketching
Bring your favorite drawing materials and keep in mind we'll be working quickly at first, like gesture drawings, to loosen up our hands and minds.


Charcoal (Vine and compressed)
White eraser (no pink erasers: they leave pink marks)
Water cup
Cheap 1" and 2" brushes
Sidewalk chalk
Color pastel set (for finishing touches)
Newsprint pad
Heavy drawing or watercolor paper

Painting (this is a water-media only class)
The Basics:
One primed canvas at least 24" x 24" and up to 36" x 48"
Tubed or jarred paint set containing a minimum of the 3 Primary and 3
Secondary colors + Titanium White
Your favorite brushes
Foam brushes - great for texture and glazing
Cheap brushes - can leave really wonderful "wave-like" marks
Palette knife(s)
Empty plastic containers (for water)
Old rags (cut up t-shirts are far better than paper towels and less wasteful)

Sandpaper, turkey baster, plastic spoons, bubble wrap, plastic bags, etc.
Any other tools of your choice that can leave a mark, scrape, peel, or texturize the surface.