Materials List for Sunday Intuitive Painting Workshop

At least 2 canvases, minimum size 24 x 24, the larger the better. Returning students may also bring unfinished work.

Acrylic paint, the more, the merrier. It’s nice to have both heavy body and fluids.

Brushes. Have a variety of kind and size. I use Mimic Hog, foam, chip brushes, palette knives, etc.

Acrylic glazing medium is nice to have.

Any other tools you can use for mark making including but not limited to pens, pencils, bottle caps, jar caps, bubble wrap, stencils, rollers, brayers, popsicle sticks, sponges.

Also needed is a drop cloth, rags, paper towels, spray bottle, freezer paper or other palette, water jar, plastic gloves or barrier cream.