Metal Clay: we will be using a minimum of 25 grams of PMC3 Fine Silver (current price about $50). It can be purchased at or at I will also have some for sale in class. We will also use sterling clay to make a ring or cuff for our last project. I will take orders for sterling clay at the 2nd class. Please let me know via email if you prefer to purchase clay in class at least 2 weeks in advance of our first class so I can have enough for everyone. Email address:

Tools and other supplies:

Note: Both PMC Connection and Cool Tools sell basic metal clay kits with many of the items listed below, although you may find it more economical to put together your own kit from suggestions below. Lots of commercial textures and molds are also available from the same suppliers.

Acrylic Clay Roller (such as Craft Smart Clay Roller available at Michaels)

Playing Cards or plastic rolling slats

1 Package Sculpey Souffle –any color except gray or white

Round #2 watercolor brush

Small containers for water and olive oil (even a couple of bottle caps will do)

Plastic Report Cover or Sculpey Work n’ Bake Clay Mat

Scalpel or Craft Knife

Rubber Wipe Out tool or fine tipped Color Shaper

Pin tool or sturdy hat pin

Emery boards (coarse, medium, fine) or small pieces of sandpaper equivalents

Ball point pen

Dotting tools/Ball styluses (variety of thicknesses—not larger than ¼”. Craft stores have double-ended ones in paper crafting section)

Drinking straws (regular, 7 Eleven Gulp sized) &/ or round plastic coffee stirrer

Wet wipes

Kneadable 2-part silicone mold putty such as Silicone Easy Putty or the yellow Mold Putty available from Michaels

Buttons, shells, bark, etc. for making textures and molds

Commercial molds and texture sheets if desired.

Small sketch book, or paper, and a pencil for working out designs.