Small table easel

Magnifier on a stand

Small portable light (Daylight such as Ott Light or other LED brand)

Miniature brushes with good points

Winsor Newton Watercolor sable 77161, 77161, 77162 (cheaper) or

(Winsor Newton Series 7 #000, 00, 0, 1

Small mops for blending

Brown watercolor pencil for sketching

Painting surface (ivorine may be purchased from the instructor)

8x10 White board on which to tape the ivorine

Disposable palette


Liquin Light

Good quality paper towels such as Viva or Bounty

Oil colors preferably Winsor Newton or Gamblin

Raw umber

Burnt umber

Burnt sienna

Naples yellow

Yellow ochre Pale

Light Red, English red, or Terre Rosa

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Yellow Pale

Permanent Rose

Raw sienna

Ultramarine blue

Dioxazine purple

Cerulean Blue

Terra Vert

Brown Madder

Titanium white

Ivory black

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