Natural Dyes, Eco Print and Surface Design supply list

Kathy Hays may be reached at if there are supply questions.

A ball of twine or heavy cotton string to wrap bundles. This needs to be strong enough that you can’t break it when pulling tightly. Butcher string works very well.

2 rectangular containers to hold your iron water solution. Shoe box size from a Dollar Store work well. Or RubberMaid containers. They do not need to be deep, just rectangular.

2-3 Hand towels, old studio towels work well.

Spray bottle to hold vinegar water. 20 ounces is a good size. Actually I prefer the type that is used to mist plants as it makes for even coverage. Alternatively a window cleaner spray bottle also makes an even mist.

Plastic wrap – this one works the best, can be ordered via Amazon or bought locally at Publix grocery store.

Assorted foam brushed, 1”, 1 ½” and 2” are nice. About 3 – 4 brushes needed

Notebook with pen or pencil for note taking

Rubber gloves like for household cleaning for wrapping twine and dipping in dyes

Scissors to cut fabric and string (two types)

A camera to record your layout and compare with results.

Apron and studio clothing

Large zip lock bags to take home wet fabrics

I will be providing the following mordanted fabrics

1 yard, silk broadcloth

2 yards silk charmeuse

½ yard Kona cotton

1 yard lightweight linen

2 silk charmeuse scarves we will mordant them in class.

Other consumable items I provide

Local plants

Natural dye extracts

Rubber bands


Permanent marker pen for textiles

Wooden dowels

Latex gloves,

Iron water solutions

Mordant and assists for dye baths

Thermofax screens to use

Surface design tools

Print board