Drawing Materials

Charcoals (vine and compressed)

Pastels (hard and soft; black, gray and white)

Acrylic Paint (Golden) - 2 oz. tubes

Titanium White
Carbon or Bone Black

Acrylic Mediums (Golden) & Additives– 8 oz. jars or bottles

GAC 100

Pumice (Fine Ground; one pint; find this in a hardware or house paint supply store.)


Drawing paper pad (e.g. Strathmore 400)
Watercolor paper pad (20 sheets-140 lbs., Cold Press)

Size: ~ 11” x 15” or larger


Sizes: ~2 boar bristle filberts (stiff, medium size); one synthetic flat (soft; medium size)


Spray bottle - Required! (For spraying water on acrylic paints.)

Paper palette (for aquamedia, 12” x 16”)

Roll of plastic wrap

Roll of white artist tape (3/4” or 1”)

2 – 4 bull dog or flat clips

Glassine; or tracing paper (~ same size as watercolor paper)

Plastic or metal painting knife

Small pad for taking notes/pencil/eraser

Paper towels