Pastels (Minimum of 60 – 100 soft pastels)

Recommended brands: Sennelier 80-piece, half-stick set or comparable set of Unison, Great American, Schmincke, Girault or Rembrandt

Pastel Surfaces

Recommended brands: Art Spectrum Colourfix; UArt (medium coarse, ~ 400 grit) or Pastelmat

Minimum of 12 sheets (9” x 12” or larger), one or more of the above brands. Bring a mix of white, middle tone warm colors and middle tone cool colors.


GAC 100, Golden, 8 oz.

Pumice (small box, fine ground, found at Hardware stores)

Golden Fluid Acrylics (1 ounce bottle each)

Titanium white, naphthol red medium, phthalo blue (green shade) and cadmium yellow medium


Package of white plastic plates

1-2 brushes (medium size; your choice of bristle)

Paint water jar (plastic; pint or quart size)

Roll of paper towels

1-2 soft charcoal sticks, vine

1 white plastic eraser

1 roll white artist tape, ¾” or 1”

4 bulldog or bankers clips

2-3 single edge razor blades

Painting knife – plastic or metal

Masonite, foam core or other stiff backing board (same size or somewhat larger than your largest sheet of paper)

Glassine or tracing paper (at least as large as pastel paper; for storing pastels)

Drawing pad, pencil and eraser (for taking notes and thumbnail sketches)

Vinyl gloves (optional, available in bulk in pharmacy or beauty supply shop)

Portfolio or paper envelope (for carrying pastel paper, etc.)