10 quarter or half sheets of 140 # watercolor paper (I like Arches) . You can use the backs of unloved paintings. You can use new paper, but I hate to see it wasted.

A color wheel.

Bring several watercolor brushes…whatever your favorites are. (I will bring extras.)

Watercolor paint, in tubes, not cakes: Aureolin, cobalt blue, phthalo blue (any shade), cerulean blue, ultramarine blue ( any shade), phthalo green (any shade), permanent rose or quinacradone rose, any black such as peach black. Any other colors you like. I like American Journey paint (which is Da Vinci paint, but less expensive).

A container for water.

Viva paper towel.

Table easel, hard board on which to place your paper.

Painters tape or bulldog clips to hold your paper in place.

Paint palette with large mixing area.