Fluid Acrylic Colors (Golden, 1 oz. bottles)

Titanium or zinc white

Hansa yellow medium

Naphthol red medium

Ultramarine blue hue

Black (carbon, ivory or mars)

Iridescent pearl

Acrylic Mediums (Golden, 8 oz. jars or bottles)

GAC 800

Acrylic Glazing Liquid

Clear Tar Gel

Light Molding Paste

Surface for Acrylic Painting

Ampersand Aquabord or Claybord, 9” x 12” or larger

Bring flat panels or cradled boards.


Plastic or “found” stencils (with repeating pattern)

Silicon paint shapers (Catalyst brand, 2-3, varied shapes, with handles and without)

Metal or plastic painting knives (stepped)

Old plastic credit cards (optional, if available)


Single edge razor blades

Optional : specialty-painting knives with textured tips

Brushes ( 1 - 2)

Bristle Type: Synthetic

Shape: Filbert or flat

Sizes: 1/2” or larger


Palette pad (for aquamedia), white; 12” x 16,” or comparable piece of beveled glass

Miscellaneous Supplies

One medium-size plastic spray bottle (required!)

Roll of plastic wrap

Sponge (any medium size kitchen type)

Wide mouth paint water jars (quart size or larger)

Roll of white artist’s tape (3/4” or 1”); four bulldog clips

Roll of paper towels

Small hand mirror

Small sketchbook (thumbnail sketches and taking notes); pencil; white plastic eraser

Smock or old shirt