Acrylic Colors (Golden, 2 oz. tubes; except that 5 oz. is required for Titanium White)

Titanium White (5 oz. tube)

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Naphthol Red Medium

Cadmium Red Light

Quinacridone Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue (green shade)

Phthalo Green (blue shade)

Raw Umber

Acrylic Mediums (Golden, 8 oz. or 16 oz. jars or bottles; gloss)

Retarding Fluid

GAC 100

Acrylic Glazing Liquid

Heavy Gel

Light Molding Paste

Surface for Acrylic Painting

Canson-Montval Acrylic Pad – 185 lbs (12” x 16” or 16”x 20”)

Brushes (minimum of 3 - 6)

Bristle Type: Boar Bristle (hog hair)

Recommended brands: Silver, Robert Simmons, Isabey or Raphael

Shape: Filbert

Sizes: #4, #6, and #8


Masterson Stay-Wet Premier, 12” x 16” (blue cover; no compartments; don’t buy

Masterson sponge or palette paper)

Palette pad (for aquamedia), Richeson “Grey Matters Paper Palette – 12” x 16”

Miscellaneous Supplies

One medium-size plastic atomizer (required!)

Roll of plastic wrap

Sponge (any medium size kitchen type)

Wide mouth paint water jars (quart size or larger)

Roll of white artist’s tape (3/4” or 1”); four bulldog clips

Painting knife (“stepped,” 2 ¼” stainless steel or plastic)

Roll of paper towels

Small hand mirror

Small sketchbook (thumbnail sketches and taking notes); pencil; white plastic eraser

Smock or old shirt