Acrylic Colors (Golden, 2 oz. tubes; except that 5 oz. is required for Titanium White)

Titanium White (5 oz. tube)

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Naphthol Red Medium

Quinacridone Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue (green shade)

Acrylic Mediums (Golden, 8 oz. or 16 oz. jars or bottles; gloss)

Retarding Fluid

GAC 100

Acrylic Glazing Liquid

Heavy Gel

Light Molding Paste

Surface for Acrylic Painting

Canson-Montval Acrylic Pad – 185 lbs (12” x 16” or 16” x 20”)

Brushes (minimum of 3 - 6)

Bristle Type: Boar Bristle (hog hair)

Recommended brands: Silver, Robert Simmons, Isabey or Raphael

Shape: Filbert

Sizes: #4, #6 and #8


Masterson Stay-Wet Premier, 12” x 16” (blue cover; no compartments; don’t buy

Masterson sponge or palette paper)

Palette pad (for aquamedia), Richeson “Grey Matters Paper Palette – 12” x 16”

Miscellaneous Supplies

One medium-size plastic spray bottle (required!)

Roll of plastic wrap

Sponge (any medium size kitchen type)

Wide mouth paint water jars (quart size or larger)

Roll of white artist’s tape (3/4” or 1”); four bulldog clips

Painting knife (“stepped,” 2 ¼” stainless steel or plastic)

Roll of paper towels

Small hand mirror

Small sketchbook (thumbnail sketches and taking notes); pencil; white plastic eraser

Smock or old shirt