Wet Felting/Needle Felting Landscapes
- Assorted colors of merino wool (see photo below)
*You will want to picks lights, mediums and darks of colors
sky blues, teal blues, assorted greens, browns, tans,
bright oranges
*I will have extra wool on hand that you may choose from
- Color print of Royal Poinciana Tree photo enclosed
- Paper scissors and small fabric scissors.
- Black fine line pen (ie Sharpie – ultra fine point)
- Rubber gloves used in wet felting
- Tape measure
- Pen style needle felting tool with size 36 or 38 needles,
we will be using this for drawing the tree with wool
- 5or 7 needle felting tool with size 36 or 38 needles, this is
used to punch the leaves, and embellishments into the
- Needle felting pad 8” x 10” x 2”, or a Clover makes a mat
WORKSHOP KIT: The cost is $5 and will include
specialty fibers and wet felting supplies (noodle, mat and
sheer overlay.) Please pay Lorraine at the beginning of class
with in an envelope with your name on it.