Jen Evenhus “Beauty of Imperfection” Workshops

Student Supply List QUESTIONS?

1) PASTELS – collection of soft, medium and hard – For this workshop you’ll want at least 60-100 pastels – half sticks are an economical way to purchase: Sennelier, Rembrandt, Schminke, Holbein, Unison, Terry Ludwigs, NuPastels, etc. (lots of them, pretty and neutral colors, with a good selection of values) Purchase sets or individual pastels from or call 1-888-345-0067 and or your favorite art store or online store.

2) Underpainted* Pastel PaperUArt Sanded Paper – 400 grit. (can use 320 or 500 too if you already have it, but if you are purchasing new – 400 is my preference) We will be working only on UArt paper or another good sanded paper so bring plenty that has been underpainted* (unless it is already a colored paper like Colorfix) and ready to paint on : SIZE NOTE - 12x18 - and we will cut as needed. (yes, you can bring other sizes if they are already cut – we usually work on 9x12 and 12x18 (*Underpainting see below). You can find this pastel paper at or call 1-888-345-0067; Dick Blick or Jerry’s Artarama, or your local art store.

3) COLOR WHEEL - large that indicates complementary, triad, split complementary, analogous, etc.

4) Sturdy portable easel – Sturdy table easel works too if you are unable to stand for any length of time. (mandatory). IF YOU ARE FLYING TO WORKSHOP, CHECK WITH VENUE to see if they have extras Small flat container to hold pastels you are using for current painting (maybe 4x6” approx.)

5) 6-8 Photos – 5x7 or 8x10 - your own landscapes/cloudscapes - good composition – shoot in morning or evening when lighting is more interesting. I will bring some that we will work from as well.

6) Art Markers - Wide black and gray - Really just need a black and a 30% or 40% gray fade resistant - Prismacolor - I use Prismacolor Double-ended brush tip and Double-ended marker with wide tip. Can also use Copic super wide marker - special black. Prismacolor has a set of blacks and grays.

7) INDIA INKblack and white – opaque – can bring colors too – good brush and dip pen and small cup

8) Vine Charcoal – lots of soft and hard sticks (mandatory) / erasers - rubber - kneaded

9) ASSORTED MARK-MAKING ITEMS: Paint brushes - cheap 1” house brush, good bristle brushes, diff sizes; art graphite pencils, pastel pencils, palette knife, twigs, small roller, etc - get creative!

10) white sketch Pad – 9x12 or 16x20 (mandatory) RULER - 18” to mark paper into sections

11) Foam Core – 4 sheets: 2-16x20, and 2-11x14. To hold paper while painting/protect paintings during transport

12) Glassine – to place over paintings when transporting

13) Baby Wipes to clean hands AND Paper Towels and Rags – or old kitchen towels

14) Folio to carry / protect paper/paintings or make one out of the foam core using large rubber bands/or duct tape

15) Bulldog Clips (4) and white artist’s tape – to hold paper to board (mandatory)

16) Latex Gloves or Hand Barrier (optional)

17) Journal or Small Notebook (mandatory) to take notes during class

18) Bag of Small SIMPLE Still Life Objects & small portable standing light (light is optional) (old keys, paint tubes, spoons, spools of thread, fresh fruit - grapes, oranges, apples)

19) Camera-digital or cell phone camera (optional) to check your values; iPAD/DIGITAL nOTEBOOK/smart phone if possible

20) Open Mind (mandatory) NOTE: PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR ITEMS

CLOTHING: Weather can be warm or chilly. DRESS IN LAYERS! Bring a wide-brim hat for possible sketching outdoors. Bring an apron and wear painting clothes. Comfortable SHOES are very important as you will be standing a good portion of the time.

UNDERPAINTING : Please have your paper already underpainted using pastels and mineral spirits or your favorite medium. I prefer mineral spirits because it dries quickly. If you need an example of how to do an underpainting, visit YouTube and search: Underpainting Demo 2015 by Jen Evenhus