At least 2 canvases or surfaces for each class, minimum size of 24"x24". We will be going back and forth to allow for drying time.

Acrylic Paint
A basic acrylic set, with at least a red, blue, yellow, white and black. If you have more colors, bring them. Golden and Liquitex are good brands but get whatever brand you can afford. It’s good to have a mixture of heavy body and fluids. There are some techniques that can’t be done without fluid acrylics.

We will need small bristle brushes for detail plus some foam brushes and a few 2 inch chip brushes that you get at Home Depot.

Acrylic Glazing Medium
This is optional. It’s very nice to have.

Other Tools
Other tools we will be using for stamping and mark making are pens, pencils, bottle caps, jar caps, bubble wrap, sponges, popsicle sticks, small foam paint rollers, stencils and anything else you can think of that will make a mark.

You will also need rags, paper towels, a large water spray bottle, freezer paper (for your palette), a drop cloth or an old plastic table cloth and plastic gloves if you don’t want to get your fingers dirty,(we will be painting with them), or barrier cream. We will also need water jars and a blank journal for sketching ideas and taking notes. If you have a sketch book with some of your favorite images bring it. You can even bring photos of images you love, such as trees, flowers, figures etc.