483 - Acrylic Impressionism Instructor: Carole Rosefelt


Strathmore or Arches Sketching Pad - 9x12
Strathmore #400 series Acrylic Paper Pad - 9x12
Acrylic Tube Paints (Golden, Liquitex, Grumbacher or Basics) Try a starter set • red, • yellow • blue • green • brown • black • white
‘Sta-Wet’ Palette or styrofoam plates
Golden Acrylic Glazing Medium or Lofts "Acrylic Slow Frying Blending Gel"
Liquitex White Gesso & Acrylic Gloss Varnish
Paper Towels
Water container (Cool Whip size) & Misting Bottle
White Plastic Table Cloth
Royal-Langnickel Brushes – prefer bristles but you can use nylon or what you have:
• 1 – Round #5, 1-1/2” flat or #6
• 1- fan (small), 1-2” flat
• 1-2" & 1" Flat
• 1 Liner or Rigger Brush- #5 or #8 if available
• Michaels has some great Craft Smith and Art Lofts bagged collections of white synthetic brushes
Fredrix Canvas Boards – 3-11x14 or stretched canvas
Paper Towels

Please bring examples of any art work you have done in the past to show. Bring photos of things you would like to paint. Carole Rosefelt: 727-796-5465