1 Day Eco Print Supply list

Kathy Hays may be reached at kathyhaysfelts@gmail.com if there are supply questions.

A ball of twine or heavy cotton string to wrap bundles. This needs to be strong enough that you can’t break it when pulling tightly. Butcher string works very well.

2 rectangular containers to hold your iron water solution. Shoe box size from a Dollar Store work well. Or use the smaller food storage containers such as Glad or Rubber Maid The smaller and more shallow the better.

2-3 Hand towels, old studio towels work well.

Spray bottle to hold vinegar water. 20 ounces is a good size. The type that is used for window cleaner or to mist plants is preferred.

Notebook with pen or pencil for note taking

Rubber gloves like for household cleaning - for wrapping twine and dipping in indigo

Scissors to cut fabric and paper (two types)

A camera to record your layout and compare with results.

Plastic wrap – Microwavable type.

1 Gallon jug empty or full of liquid, it will be used as a weight.

Apron and studio clothing

***Large glass buttons or beads to be attached to bundles for identification*** this is a very important and necessary item! Many bundles look alike when they come out of processing. This keeps the tears from being shed later on.

The instructor will be supplying all the consumables, plant matter and silk scarves for this workshop. A supply fee of $35 will be collected during the workshop.