For all 6 week calligraphy classes
Linda Renc, instructor
All supplies available at Blick Art Materials, Tampa

PENS: Speedball Series C lettering nibs sizes #C-0, 1, 2 and 3 (Left-handed available in Speedball LC series)

PEN HOLDERS: At least 2 Speedball standard pen holders, or other brands

Optional Pens - bring if you wish: Pilot Parallel Pen size 3.8mm - a refillable cartridge pen With extra Pilot Parallel Pen ink cartridges - black & assorted

INK: Higgins Eternal Black ink - 2 oz. square bottle

PAPER: Borden & Riley Layout Paper for Markers 11x14” (preferred) Or Canson Marker Pro Layout pad 11x14”

MISC: White plastic eraser Ruler T-square (18”) Plastic Triangle 10” 2 sharp 2B drawing/sketching pencils Mechanical drawing pencil size .05 with B lead Drafting tape or Scotch 811 magic tape (blue box) Scissors Craft knife with snap-off blade Pencil case, roll or small storage box for nibs etc. Carry bag for the rest

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Speedball Textbook - new 24th edition