Bring your apron!
IF you already have any Speedball or more professional carving tools; please bring them. We will also have basic Speedball sets to use.
Bring an X-Acto knife; a retractable pen version would be best, if you can find one.
Pad of tracing paper; need not be larger than 8”x10”
Pencil and eraser
Colored pencils or markers of any type to color in your comps would be helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an inky, messy class! Please bring an apron and know that your hands WILL get oil-based ink on them! To make your first class session more productive, please bring a small, B&W high-contrast sketch or outline that can be colored in (think comic or coloring books with black outlines). In addition, as this is an evening class, we can adjust the class start from 6pm to 7pm and end anytime from 9pm to 10pm, with the consensus of the class.