Watercolor Supply List

Watercolor Paper : 140 lb. 100% cotton handmade paper (Arches) cold press. I prefer the sheet form which comes in 22x30” which can be cut down to four ¼ sheets which is a good size for class work.

Brushes : watercolor brushes are soft and made of sable, squirrel, ox hair, and many synthetics. The most important quality of the brush is that it springs back to shape when wet. Please bring at least one of each of the following brushes: 1” Flat Brush, #8 Round Brush, #3 Rigger Brush (thin brush with long hairs).

Paint : I prefer watercolor paint in tubes. There are many very good brands of paint but what is important is to have a warm and cool of each primary color. Grumbacher Academy is a good inexpensive student grade brand.




Alizarin Crimson

Cad Red Light or Vermillion


Prussian Blue

Ultramarine Blue


Lemon or Cad Yellow Light

Cad Yellow Medium

Other useful colors: Paynes Gray, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Viridian, Thalo Crimson (pink)

Palette : any white palette with a good mixing area or a plastic white plate (not foam)

Board: This is support for your paper while you are painting so it should be waterproof. Size depends on size of paper and can be made of wood, plexiglass, Masonite or Gatorboard.

2 water containers, sponges, papter towels, tissues, pencil, kneaded eraser, salt, masking tape, white crayon, white copy paper to test color and brush strokes.

If you are new to watercolor bring what you have to class and I will help you get started. I have paper and some supplies that you can use.