Kathy Hays may be reached at kathyhaysdesigns@gmail.com if there are supply questions.


2 Shoe box sized containers to hold your iron water solution and hydrate plants. Purchase at Dollar Stores

2-3 Hand towels, old studio towels work well.

2 rolls of painters plastic Drop Cloth .7 mil 9’ x 12’ This can be bought at any home improvement store.

Spray bottle to hold water. 6 -10 ounces is a good size.

Notebook with pen or pencil for note taking

Rubber gloves like for household cleaning for dipping in indigo

Scissors to cut fabric and paper (two types)

A camera to record your layout and compare with results.

Apron and studio clothing

Large zip lock bags to take home wet fabrics

Dry onion skins, red and yellow. Go to grocery store and ‘clean’ their bins. The skins fall in the bins all the time, and you just gather whatever you can.

FABRIC - Purchase from DharmaTrading.com:

Please launder all fabrics with neutral ph detergent before arriving.

Silk Habotai, 8 mm 2 yards,

Silk Habotai or Silk Satin scarves 8 - 12 mm 5 - 6 scarves 11” x 60”

Raw Silk (Noil) This is the best fabric to make clothing and there is a lot of success with this fabric. 2-yards

You may bring other protein fabrics in addition to the ones I have suggested.

A simple cotton shirt to dip in indigo at conclusion of workshop

A $35 supply fee is paid to the instructor on the first day of the workshop.