Watercolors – Larger than Life!

Material List

“Painting with Drama”

Winter II 2017

My Fine Art Palette – Winsor & Newton unless noted:

Paints suggested for this course:

Antwerp Blue and or Prussian Blue

Winsor Blue (Green Shade) & (Red Shade)

Cerulean Blue

Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade) or French Ultramarine Blue


Cobalt Blue

Payne’s Gray

Perm. Rose and/or Quinacrodine Magenta

Perm. Alizarin Crimson

Winsor Red

Cadmium Scarlet

Burnt Sienna

Brown Madder


New Gamboge or Quinacrodine Gold (DS)

Winsor Lemon or Bismuth Yellow

Yellow Ochre

General Supplies

Watercolor Palette

Water container

Paper Towels

Spray Bottle for water

Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle




Salt – any kind

Masking Tape

Board for to paint on for support

Hair Dryer (I always have one)

Masking Fluid Pick-Up - called Rubber Cement Pick-Up

Masking Fluid (REMOVABLE)

-I prefer Pebeo Drawing Gum for application but removal is tedious

-Winsor Newton Yellow tinted is a good alternative


140lb Arches CP or 300lb Arches CP

I usually paint on 300lb Arches CP – a full sheet

Paint the size you like – it is your painting, but please use nothing less than 140lb

Regarding stretching Paper – I do not stretch any paper, but it’s your choice


Brushes I prefer: Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold II Round(Synthetic/Sable Blend)

Zoltan Szabo 1.5” slanted brush (synthetic)

Loew-Cornell small round for detail (synthetic)

(Brushes are very personal – use what you love and love what you use)

#10 Round, #12 Round, #14 Round

#4 or 6 Round

Toothbrush and other scrubbies (fabric brush, small hog brushes, etc.)

Palette knife

Any questions, please email or call me,


Summer 519-440-5024
Winter 727-736-0894