#422 Abstract Acrylic Expressionism

6 stretched canvases, suggest 24” X 24” or 24” X 36”. Bring one each week.
Acrylic Paint: Liquitex or Golden. Minimum, primary colors red, blue, yellow plus black and white.
Acrylic brush or brushes.
One or two palette knives, preferably metal not plastic.
Sketch book, pencil, kneaded eraser.
Palette paper (in a pad), or freezer paper.
Plastic cups for water
Spray bottle for water.
Apron, smock or old shirt.

Nice to have, but not a requirement:
1” firm flat or 3” firm flat wide colour shapers (need to order online from Blick.com—Item #04936-0101, #04936-0213.)

Any questions: lorrainepotocki@mac.com or 727-8791.