#422 Abstract Acrylic Expressionism

Materials List

Lorraine Potocki

6 stretched canvases, suggest 24” X 24” or 24” X 36”. Bring one each week.

Acrylic Paint: Liquitex or Golden. Minimum, primary colors red, blue, yellow plus black and white.

Acrylic brush or brushes.

One or two palette knives, preferably metal not plastic. JoAnn’s has a Studio 71 Stainless Steel Painting Knife Set for about $7.00.

Sketch book, pencil, kneaded eraser.

Palette paper (in a pad), or freezer paper.

Plastic cups for water

Spray bottle for water.

Apron, smock or old shirt.

Color wheel.

Nice to have, but not a requirement:

1” firm flat or 3” firm flat wide colour shapers (need to order online from Blick.com—Item #04936-0101, #04936-0213.)

Any questions: lorrainepotocki@mac.com or 727-466-8791.