Student Notes:
Suggest you purchase supplies either at the Blick store in Tampa or online at For pastels, see the supply list. Any questions, please call me: 727-466-8791.

Supply List:
• UArt paper, 400 grade. Buy a pad of 9” X 12” sheets.
• Foam core boards for backing. Available at Michael’s, Office Depot, Walmart, Dollar Store (though these aren’t as stiff for a backing as the others).
• Masking tape (prefer you do not use green or blue tape).
• Set of NuPastels (hard pastels). They come in sets in various amounts.
• If you are brand new to pastels, you can purchase the Lorraine Potocki student set that is at Mount Vision Pastels in Tampa. There are 10 soft pastel sticks for $30. Call Karl Kelly at Mount Vision before you go, 813-732-9006. He will also ship these to you.
• Pencil, kneaded eraser.
• Sketch book.
• Paint brush (used for under painting).
• 70% rubbing alcohol (Publix—used for under painting).
• Apron or smock.