• UArt paper 400 or 600 grade—3 sheets of 18” X 24”

• Foam core board for backing

• Mount Vision Pastels, Tampa (ask for Lorraine’s student set of 9 pastels—call Karl

Kelly: 813-732-9006)

• Masking tape

• Pencil, kneaded eraser

• Paint brush, 1” flat or round (will be used for underpainting)

• Pad of tracing paper to cover your work

• Small bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol (Publix)

• Plastic cups

• Roll of aluminum foil

• Apron, smock, or old shirt

Note: Pastels can be purchased in Tampa from Mount Vision. Paper can be ordered online at DickBlick.com or Dakota.com. I will also have paper you can purchase at cost.

Any questions: lorrainepotocki@mac.com or 727-466-8791