Portraits in Colored Pencil – Materials list

Artist quality colored pencils – at least a 36 or 48 color set.

Graphite pencils (assorted types, hard and soft)

Kneaded eraser

Clear tape (Scotch tape)

Faber-Castell Perfection 7058 eraser (some will be available for use or sale in class)

dried out ballpoint pen or other tool for inscribing lines

graphite transfer paper

Good quality reference photo – 8 x 10 or other large size

Key colors include (specific colors depend on the brand*)

Peach, Light Peach, Flesh (light, medium, dark), Nectar, Sienna Brown/Burnt Sienna, Burnt Ochre, Raw Umber/Light Umber, Cream, Blush, Ultramarine Blue (light, medium, dark), Light Cerulean Blue

Additional useful colors include assorted reds, pinks, ochres, olive greens.

Student notes:

All students will receive a Stonehenge Multi 9x12 pad, one of the best papers for colored pencil portraits.

Bring your own choice of reference photo, preferably a large, clear color photo. It helps to have an actual size copy in black and white on plain paper. (Sized for 9x12 paper.) Alternate projects will also be provided.

Use photo paper if you print your reference. You may also have it on a device larger than a phone.

* email mmnece@juno.com if you have questions about which colors for your brand of pencil