1. Sketch pad

2. Sketch pencils. I use a 3B or 6B pencil. If I am not painting over the top of my pencil drawings, I use a disposable paper mate sharp writer #2 pencil, because I hate stopping to sharpen my pencil. This doesn't erase well after painting over it, so I don't.

3. Something to sharpen your pencils. An eraser…I like the MOO eraser, but any will do. Yes, I believe in erasing.

4. Any photos you have of eyes, although I will bring a lot. Must be clear photos.

5. If you want to paint, bring whatever you would use to paint. I will use watercolor so, A container for water brushes….I will use a #10, #6 round brush, an angled 5/8 or one inch flat brush. A short and long liner brush. I also use #10 and #4 scrubber.

Do not rush out and buy any brushes. Bring what you have. I will bring extra brushes also. Watercolor paper. I use 140lb cold press or 300lb cold press. Unless you are already working on something, bring scraps or we will use the backs of your "unredeemed" paintings. A small paint palette. Viva paper towels. A hard surface to affix your paper and clips or tape. A table easel, if you use one. If doing watercolor, these are the colors I use, but bring what you like.

If you are buying paint, don't skimp…get good paints, not student grade. They really do make a difference.

1. aureolin

2. cobalt blue

3. ultramarine blue

4. permanent rose

5. Quin burnt orange

6. Quin gold

7. cerulean blue

8. casein white or gouache white…if you don't have this, don't buy it. I will share.

Mostly, I would like for you to learn the anatomy of the eye and be able to draw it. We will work mostly with human eyes, but also try some more common animal eyes. If you get the shape correct, you are almost there! Then we will paint them or color them with whatever medium you like. The icing on the cake!