Watercolors – Larger than Life! Material List

Colors (Winsor & Newton unless noted) :

Antwerp Blue and or Prussian Blue

Winsor Blue (Green Shade) & (Red Shade)

Cerulean Blue

Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade) or French Ultramarine Blue


Cobalt Blue

Payne’s Gray

Perm. Rose and/or Quinacrodine Magenta

Perm. Alizarin Crimson

Winsor Red

Cadmium Scarlet

Burnt Sienna

Brown Madder


New Gamboge or Quinacrodine Gold (DS)

Winsor Lemon or Bismuth Yellow

Yellow Ochre

General Supplies:

Water container

Paper Towels

Spray Bottle for water

Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle

Masking Fluid




Salt – any kind

Masking Tape

Tooth Brushes for Scrubbing

Other Scrubbing Brushes

Board for to paint on for support

Hair Dryer (I always have one)