** Local stores in and around the Tampa Bay area that carry an adequate assortment of art materials: Michael’s, Walmart, Central Art Supply (St. Pete). Online: check out Dick Blick, Cheap Joes, Dakota Pastels.


This all-media class is for students who are familiar with their chosen medium. Therefore, bring whatever materials you are already accustomed to working with. There is no restriction on the size of your canvas, paper, or painting surface. You should have your own reference photos, color studies, or sketches. A checklist of suggested materials include:

Paints/Colored Pencils/Pastels/Watercolors Brushes Mediums Palette Canvas, panels, papers Sketch pad & pencils

If you have any questions about what additional materials you might want to bring, contact the instructor: kbkaos@sover.net or 727-366-6477