Soft Pastel set of good quality such as Rembrandt, Unison, Sennelier

Gold Ochres, English reds, Caput mortuum (grayed violet) for skin tones for portraits

Set of Nupastels

Set of Pastel Pencils such as CarbOthello, Conte, Derwent

Drawing board, artist masking tape or bulldog clips

Kneaded eraser

Bristle Brush and small chamois for erasing

Ruler, paper towels, wet wipes

Exacto knife for sharpening pencils

Small mirror for checking your work (helpful to see it backwards)

Canson Mi-Teintes Paper in mid tones such as steel gray, felt gray, sand, blue gray, moonstone

Uart sanded pastel paper in 600 grade (optional)

Photo reference if not painting from a model or still life set up