Photos: Bring your own, but I will also have many that you can use. DO NOT BRING PHOTOS ON YOUR PHONE OR IPAD.
Paper: Recommend #140 lb cold press Arches, but bring what you have.
Sketch pad: Use drawing paper to draw your birds. We will transfer to your watercolor paper on a light box.
Paints: Tube paints only. Bring what you have. If you are buying, get Permanent Rose, Cobalt blue and Aureolin yellow.
Board: Something stiff to attach your paper.
Table Easel: If you have one, so you can tilt your work, bring it. Alternatively, you can prop your paper towel roll under the top of the board.
Brushes: Bring what you have. I work with a one inch, angled flat and several rounds.
Water container
Paper towels: I Like Viva
Palette: to hold and mix your paints.
Pencil and eraser: I use 3b and 4b pencils. If you have watercolor pencils, bring those also, but don’t run out and buy them. I have many to share.
Bed Risers: If you like to stand while you paint, bring risers to elevate your table.