#463 Starting Fresh
with Joan Duff-Bohrer


1. Sketch/note taking pad and pencil
2. A stretched canvas no smaller than 16 x 20 preferably larger
3. Cotton rags, not paper towels
4. Hair dryer
5. Some pcs of vine and pressed charcoal
6. Spray fixative...IMPORTANT
7. Rubber or plastic gloves
8. A hand mirror
9. Artist tape
10. Oil paint or acrylic (color choices should include at least, 2 shades of each of the following RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN and also a LARGE WHITE
11. Medium for your paint choice, either : Gamsol or Turpenoid for oils or Matte Medium for acrylics
12. A palette at least 16" x 20"
13. Roll freezer paper from grocery store
14. One roll of artist tape or masking tape

A 4" x 6" (approx.) on reg. paper, print-out, of one of your paintings. (one from camera roll is fine from your cell phone)
A glue stick
A pencil sharpener
Prismacolor colored pencils if you have them (small set is fine) don't buy if you don't have.